… creative combinations.
Different opinions and perspectives make strong ideas even better.

… listening.
A good story is what keeps us hanging.

… shaking things up.
Borders are made to be crossed.

… details.
Simplicity is reinforced by out-of-the-box details.

… gut feeling.
Intuition is always right.

… hard work.
You can’t always get what you want, but you have to try.

… play.
Keeping things fun, fresh and original is what counts.


Baroness O. is a Brussels based creative studio working at the intersection of design and communication.
We are always looking for unique stories behind design. We collect them on our blog, gather them in our online store and write them ourselves in different creative projects. Design is not only about making pretty objects, but mostly about combining ideas and stories into a comprehensive, well-balanced concept. As we are always open for interesting collaborations, we’re eager to hear your story.

Baroness O. was founded by Anne in the spring of 2011 as a place to gather interesting design stories, based on the belief that the stories behind design play a positive and powerful role in the process. Over time, the blog grew out to the multidisciplinary studio it is now. 




In short: we can do lots of things. We’re available for the full package, or for smaller projects that only need part of our services. Whether the outcome is a piece of furniture, graphic design or an event space, we strive for the creative and unexpected.

Our main focus lies on creating coherent and convincing concepts. All pieces are equal parts of the puzzle, and go hand in hand when looking for original designs. The concept behind a design is where everything starts, and should fit the outcome perfectly.

We’re eager to hear your story and engage wherever we can. We’re always up for a challenge.


A big thanks to all our lovely interns Lola, Julie, Lauren, Anne-Sorya, Hannelore, Pieter, Josephine, Julie & Emma.
Want to contribute too? Send us a mail at hello [at] baronesso [dot] com. for more information.